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Cramer Voted for tax cuts, Heitkamp did not

Jun 04 2018

Heitkamp was WRONG to vote against the tax cuts and she is now feeling the pain as North Dakota voters realize substantial benefits

President Trump’s Tax Cuts and Jobs Act reduced the tax rates for most North Dakotans and the results have been astounding. We are realizing benefits right now and there’s plenty of evidence. 
In North Dakota, a married couple filing a joint return with two dependents will see their federal tax liability decrease by $2,419. See examples here.

North Dakotan’s will see the largest average tax reduction in the nation. The analysis, conducted by the Tax Policy Center – a group backed by the Urban Institute and the Brookings Institution – says our state taxpayers will see an average 10.8 percent cut. 

Heitkamp has been trying to discredit the tax cuts and her claims are nothing more than fear-mongering. Claims of cuts to Social Security are ludicrous. There is nothing in the bill that cuts Social Security.
The Democratic party’s hypocrisy over their new-found concern about the deficit is laughable. They were quiet about deficit creation during the Obama years when deficits topped $1 trillion four years in a row.

Heitkamp’s talk of deficits is pure speculation and none of it takes into account the economic growth the Trump pro-growth agenda is delivering.

Liberal tax-and-spend Democrats – like Senator Heidi Heitkamp – are now struggling to counter the substantial benefits being realized from President Trump’s tax cuts and have resorted to speculation and fear-mongering all while the economy soars.

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