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National Defense Authorization Act includes provisions for ND military

Sep 20 2018

Kevin Cramer was a key supporter of the bill providing the largest pay increase in nine years to our active military
Provisions included for Minot and Grand Forks Air Force Bases and ND Army and Air National Guard

The National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) passed the House of Representatives in May 2018 with a 351 to 66 vote. Representative Kevin Cramer was a key supporter of the bill, which was signed into law on August 13, 2018.
NDAA authorizes $717 billion in funding for the 2019 fiscal year and includes the largest pay increase to active military members in the last nine years at 2.6 percent.
This bill will ensure our military has the finest equipment, the most extensive training, and benefits that will allow them to care for themselves and their families. It also sets policy for national security and recognizes the role of North Dakota in protecting the nation.
A proposed amendment by Rep. Cramer passed the House which recognized the 74 crew members of the U.S.S. Frank E. Evans who lost their lives during the ship’s sinking during the Vietnam War. The names of the heroes would be placed on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall in Washington, D.C. Cramer urged Senators to include his amendment, but it was stripped out of the bill during consideration in the Senate.
Kevin also led an amendment granting a waiver of time limitations so a Distinguished-Service Cross can be awarded to Staff Sgt. Justin Gallegos. This award, advocated by Clint Romesha, a Medal of Honor recipient from Minot, is long overdue and deeply deserved for combat valor. Romesha and Gallegos fought side by side in Afghanistan.
The bill will continue to support Minot and Grand Forks’ Air Force Bases and North Dakota’s Army and Air National Guard.
North Dakota National Guard
  • $32 million to the North Dakota Army National Guard for a readiness center in Fargo. The Readiness Center will serve as a training location for three Army National Guard sections of the 141st Maneuver Enhancement Brigade, the 191st Military Police Company, and the 112th Aviation Regiment. 
  • $172 million for modifications of the MQ-9 Reaper, flown by the North Dakota Air National Guard in Fargo.
Minot Air Force Base
  • $66 million for a helicopter housing complex, which will house the eventual replacements of the UH-1 Huey helicopters. The Hueys patrol the intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) sites.
  • $288 million to replace the Huey helicopters.
  • $700 million for the Long Range Stand Off (LRSO) missile to replace the aging Air Launched Cruise Missile, carried on the B-52s. 
  • $400 million for upgrades to the B-52s, including the new engines for the aircraft.
Grand Forks Air Force Base
  • $105 million for a new Global Hawk aircraft equipped with a Battlefield Airborne Communications Node, in support of the operations at Grand Forks AFB. Cramer urged House leaders to include funding for this Global Hawk.
  • $128 million for RQ-4 Global Hawk improvements.

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